Andy-Rooney Ocean Swims

New for 2017, the Andy-Rooney swim adds a two-mile course.

The Andy-Rooney swim at Sea Bright Public Beach revives the former Manning Swim. It's a relaxed and low-key race drawing a moderately-sized field.

When, what, where
Jul 15, Sunday, 7:30 AM; 1 mi, 2 mi; Atlantic Ocean; 🌎 Sea Bright, NJ (Sea Bright Public Beach, Ocean Ave at River St).
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Event's website.
Register at the deck on the southeast side of the parking lot for Sea Bright Public Beach. Registration opens at 6:45 AM and closes at 7:30 AM. Online pre-registration with a discount is available.
Free parking (until 11 AM) in the ample lot for Sea Bright Public Beach.
There are public restrooms in trailers adjacent to registration, on north side of new building.
Leave bag on beach or deck near registration.
Permitted, no penalty, not popular.
The start either north or south of River Street beach is determined by current. Ride school bus or walk to start ready to go; there is no bag wagon for gear. Running start from beach into surf.
The point-to-point course follows the current and finishes on the beach near River Street. It is marked by threee large buoys. There are also three or four orange balls along the course, although they are unrelated to the race. Their lines stretch perpendicular to the beach and float just below the surface. Be careful to avoid swimming into these lines if you find yourself landward of the balls. The bright yellow finish gate is easy to spot as you approach the last buoy.
Finish at the beach near River Street and registration. Running finish from surf onto beach and into timing chute. Return to deck for refreshments and awards.
Timing chip with ankle bands. Time clock.
T-shirt, cap. Bottled water, fruit.
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