Asbury Icebreaker

The Asbury Icebreaker will not be held in 2018 because permits were not obtained from Asbury Park.

The Asbury Icebreaker starts the season in the NJ surf with a laid-back event. Mid-June water temerpature can be chilly; be sure to pack warm layers for your post-swim comfort.

Although Asbury Park still bears ragged edges from a long period of decline, it is slowly mending itself. This venue offers a clean and roomy beach behind a rebuilt boardwalk lined with predominately new construction.

When, what, where
Jun 9?, Saturday, 7:30 AM; 0.5 mi, 1 mi, 2 mi; Atlantic Ocean; 🌎 Asbury Park, NJ (Boardwalk at Third Ave).
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Event's website.
Register on the boardwalk at Third Avenue. Registration opens at 6:30 AM. Online registration is offered in addition to race-day registration.
There is ample street parking near registration. Metered parking begins at 9 AM. (The rate is $2/hour. All parking spaces are clearly numbered. Enter this number and payment at any of the spiffy kiosks dotting Ocean Avenue. Kiosks accept both cash and credit cards.)
Clean and large restrooms are near registration in the pavilion at Fifth Street. Beach showers are adjacent to finish.
Leave bag on beach near start/finish.
Permitted, no penalty, popular.
Start at Third Street beach, behind registration area. Running start from beach into surf.
The out-and-back course traces a triangle with a single vertex at Fourth Street and the opposite base loosely perpendicular to the beach about a half mile south. Colored buoys mark the vertices. Swim the course clockwise. Two-mile swimmers do two laps.
Finish where you started. Running finish from surf onto beach and into timing chute.
Electronic chip with ankle strap, body marking.
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