NJRC — Long Branch

Presumed canceled for 2018; only the Belmar swim is listed on Race Forum.

The NJRC Long Branch swim (Long Branch Lifeguard Memorial Ocean Mile Swim on Race Forum) is the second of the New Jersey Race Club Triple Crown Series, a triad of triangular courses along North Jersey beaches. See also NJRC — Sea Girt and NJRC — Belmar.

When, what, where
Jul 7?, Saturday, 8:00 AM; 1 mi; Atlantic Ocean; 🌎 Long Branch, NJ (Boardwalk at Centennial Dr).
See also
Event's website. Metro Race Forum. NJRC website. Beach Cam.
Register on the boardwalk at Centennial Drive in front of the Pier Village semicircle. Registration opens at 7:00 AM and closes at 7:45 AM.
There is ample street parking in Pier Village near registration. Metering ($3/hour at kiosks) and a two-hour limit begin at 10 AM. If you stay beyond noon, you must move your car; tires may be marked with chalk.
There are public restrooms on the boardwalk/promenade about two block-lengths north and south of registration, in the public garage on Chelsea Avenue, and (less reliably) on the boardwalk behind the restaurant just south of registration. There are warm showers on the beach at the finish.
Leave bag on beach near common start/finish behind registration.
Permitted, no penalty
Start on the beach adjacent to registration. Running start from beach into surf.
The out-and-back course traces an acute triangle in the clockwise direction. Two yellow buoys mark the base parallel to the shoreline and stretching south of the start. An orange buoy marks the opposite vertex seaward of the base.
Finish where you started. Running finish from surf onto beach and into timing chute.
Electronic chip with ankle strap, hand marking. Time clock.
T-shirt, cap. Bagels, bottled water.
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