New Pageant Ocean Swim

New for 2018: The swim is now managed by Egg Harbor Township Seahawks. USA Swimming membership is not required anymore. The new managers are reportedly trying to restore the feel and appeal of the old-original Pageant Swim.

In 2016, this new Pageant Ocean Swim replaced the old-original Pageant Swim, which was canceled because of Atlantic City's fiscal and political wranglings. The new swim retains the name, city, and ocean venue of the original swim, but it changes key features. Be sure to vet the brochure on the event's website, from which the information below is taken.

When, what, where
Aug 17?, Saturday, 10:00 AM; 1.24 mi; Atlantic Ocean; 🌎 Atlantic City, NJ (Boardwalk at Michigan Ave).
See also
Event's website.
Register at the Michigan Avenue Beach Patrol Station, near Playground Pier. Registration opens at 8:30 AM and closes at 9:50 AM. Online pre-registration is available (with discounted fee for USA Swimming members).
Park in a casino lot (for about $20) or possibly find an on-street spot.
Casinos boast the best public bathrooms on the Jersey Shore, and perhaps the entire Eastern Seaboard.
Bags are shuttled from start to finish. Put your bag in designated vehicle at start.
Not permitted.
Start on the beach behind the registration area. Running start from beach into surf.

The point-to-point course parallels the shoreline between Michigan Avenue Beach and Albany Avenue Beach. It is marked by two large, orange buoys in the surf on either end. Swim out to first buoy and turn right keeping seaward of flag. Be careful to steer clear of Playground Pier's columns. Proceed one mile south to second buoy and again turn right keeping seaward of flag. Head to beach and finish chute.

The course's preferred direction runs north to south, but race officials may choose to reverse this direction to suit conditions.

Running finish from surf onto beach and into timing chute. Look for bag in secured area on beach. Walk back to parking along boardwalk.
Body marking, time clock.